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Products: Cables

The most overlooked component in your system, high quality cables are vital for accurate sound reproduction. Outlaw cables provide state of the art OCC technology and superior build quality to outperform the most expensive boutique cables at a fraction of the cost.  More about our cables...

Perfect Path Cables

Perfect Path Cables

For over six decades, PPC’s professional broadband, telecom, and satellite products have delivered signal behind the walls of over 100 million homes. Today, the quality/bandwidth demands of HD home theater drive a new consumer quest for professional-grade connections from the wall to the system. Recognizing that desire, PPC® created the Perfect Path™ line of in-home cable and connections

PCA Cables

PCA Interconnects

From mass-market cables to small boutique brands there are many options available to choose from. Unfortunately, many of these cables are overpriced, under-performers. So what makes our cables different? EVERYTHING!

PCB Cables

PCB Balanced Interconnect Cables

You selected balanced connections because you care about audio quality. Outlaw's PCB interconnects make certain that you get the sonic benefits that only balanced audio provides.

PCB Cables

PDAV HDMI Interconnect

With pure copper conductors, gold flashed connectors and a sturdy, yet elegant outer jacket our PDAV interconnects are a no-compromise product that delivers both value and performance.

PDH DVD to HDMI Cables

PDH DVI to HDMI Cables

A high quality interconnect cable with a DVI connector on one end and an HDMI connector on the other for systems where both types of connections are in use.

PDV DVD-D Cables

PDV DVI-D Cables

Connect to the future with Outlaw's DVI-D interconnect cable. Keeping your video signals pure from source to display is what they're all about.

PDO Cables

PDO Optical Cables

So what about the optical cables? Our PDO optical cables deliver exactly what their name implies: Pure Digital Optical.

PSC Cables

PSC Video Cables/Digital Coaxial

Outlaw Audio's PSC Video interconnects are Pure Silver Coax, using the ultra-pure, highly refined pure silver for their center conductor.

PSSV Cables

PSSV S-Video Cables

In a world where component video connections seem to get all the attention, there are still a great number of applications where S-Video is still the highest quality video interconnect available.

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