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Products: Subwoofer: The M8 Powered Subwoofer


Introducing the all new M8 powered subwoofer!


Thanks, in part, to a remarkably robust 8-inch woofer driven by 125 continuous watts of Class AB power, this compact overachiever is as musical as it is powerful!


An ultra low cost subwoofer in a family of wallet friendly models, the new “M” series subwoofer delivers a whole new level of bang for the buck. Watt-for watt, inch-for-inch, or against any other metric you choose to apply, the Outlaw Audio M8 Powered Subwoofer will not be outperformed in its price range.


Among the M8's many features are:

• A robust 8" driver for deep bass extension
• A powerful 125 Watt RMS amplifier (200 watts peak) for precise driver control
• Signal Sense for automatic turn on/off
• 0/180-degree phase control
• LFE Input
• Line and speaker level inputs


Owner's Manual


M8 Subwoofer, just $329


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Order the M82 package (2x M8 subwoofers) for even greater savings, just $609!


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Driver Type: Down Firing, 8" Long-throw Woofer

Ports: One, down firing

Amplifier Power Rating: 125W RMS class AB

Frequency Response:

29Hz-250Hz +/-3dB


Lowpass : 40Hz to 220Hz

Phase: 0 or 180 Degrees

Dimensions: (HxWxD) 14.5" x 10.875" x 14.125 "

Shipping Weight: 28 lbs