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 Outlaw Audio Firmware Update for the RR2160 Stereo Receiver

The Outlaw Audio RR2160 Stereo Receiver can be updated using a thumb-drive. With the newest firmware, Version 2.9/1.9, we are pleased to announce the ability to add Internet Radio stations to a favorite's list.


Before downloading the RR2160's firmware update file, we strongly recommend that you read these instructions and then print a copy of them.

System Requirements:

The following hardware and software is required:

  • Windows or Mac based computer
  • Internet Connection to download the firmware update file
  • USB 2.0 thumb-drive, 16GB or less, formated as FAT32 with at least one song/audio track on it

Before starting the download:

  • With your computer ON, insert your USB 2.0, 16GB or less, thumb-drive into a USB port on your computer
  • Verify the USB thumb-drive is formatted as FAT32.
    • On a Windows based machine, this can be done by going to My Computer and then right clicking on your thumb-drive, listed under "Removable Storage"; then, click "Properties." Under File system, it should show FAT32.
    • On a Mac based machine, this can be done by going to the Finder and then right clicking on your thumb-drive, listed under "Devices"; then click "Get Info." Under Format, it should show FAT32 or MS-DOS (FAT32).
  • If you do not already have music on the thumb-drive, make sure to add at least one song now. It does not matter the bit-depth or sample rate.
  • Ensure you do not have an Ethernet cable plugged into the Ethernet port on the back of the RR2160 during this process. It can cause the update to take an exhorbitant amount of time, or even fail due to timing out. You may reconnect your Ethernet connection after the firmware update.

Download Instructions:

  • After completing the aforementioned, click on the DOWNLOAD NOW button at the bottom of this page.
  • A file called "linux.sb" will start downloading.
    • NOTE: If running anti-virus, you may get a notification about the file being of an
      "unknown reputation." This is not a problem.
  • Make sure to place the linux.sb file onto your thumb-drive. DO NOT change the file or file name in any way.
  • Then, safetly remove or eject the thumb-drive from your computer.

Installation Instructions:

Note: An inactive Menu will time out after 10 seconds. If you had not started step 8, you will need to restart this process beginning at Step 4. If this occurs during steps 9 or 10, restart at step 9.

  1. Turn on the RR2160. Using the remote or front panel, switch the source to USB Back.
  2. Insert your thumb-drive into the USB-A port, on the back of the RR2160, labeled
  3. Wait until the RR2160 loads and starts playing the song located on the thumb-drive.
  4. Once the audio starts playing, press and hold the MENU button on the front panel until the menu appears on the front panel display (roughly 2 seconds).
  5. The first option will be Setting. Press the ENTER button on the front panel.
  6. Press the down arrow to select Update Setup; then, press ENTER.
  7. You should see "Update Mode USB". Press ENTER. If you do not see "Update Mode USB", press the down arrow until you do; then press ENTER.
    • If you receive ERROR CODE 2, there is an issue with your USB thumb-drive. Use another thumb-drive and ensure it meets all the aforementioned requirements.

  8. At this point, the front panel display will show "Updating...." for around 2-3 minutes. Do NOT turn the unit off or remove power while the unit is updating. Once the update is done, the RR2160 will go into standby mode. Bring the unit back out of standby mode.
  9. You now need to perform a system reset. Press and hold the MENU button on the front panel until the menu appears on the front panel display.
  10. Press the down arrow 3 times until you've selected "Factory Reset." Then press ENTER.
  11. The reset will take roughly 3 seconds and then the RR2160 will go back into standby. Afterwards, you may resume normal usage of your RR2160.

Congratulations! You have now successfully completed a firmware update for your RR2160 and are able to add Internet Radio stations to a Favorites' list!


Click Here To Print Instructions
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