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  Outlaw Audio Firmware Update for Model 970 Preamp Processor
  Installation Instructions

Before downloading the file that contains the Model 970 software update and the “loader" program needed to install it, we strongly recommend that you read these instructions and then print a copy of them. This will help you to make the upgrade process quick and easy.

System Requirements:

The following hardware and software is required to install the upgrade. If your system does not meet these requirements, and you are unable to access a computer that does meet these requirements, please contact Outlaw Audio Customer Service.

    • IMPORTANT NOTE: The RS-232 port must be a physical port on your computer. USB-to-serial adaptors are not reliable and we do not recommend their use as the upgrade may fail.

Here's a lnk to a "straight through" cable from CompUSA

    • IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not use "null modem" cables, as they will not create the signal path required for this upgrade.

Download Instructions:

  • Before starting the download process, we recommend that you create a new folder in your computer's directory named "Model 970 Upgrade". This will keep the files needed for the upgrade in one folder and separate them from other programs and data.
  • Once the new folder is created, click on the "Download Now" link at the bottom of this page.
  • After a few seconds your computer will prompt you to "Run" or “Save" the file. Click "SAVE" and select the folder you have just created as the target download file location.
  • When the download is complete, close dialog boxes and exit your Internet browser.
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: The upgrade process erases all user settings that have been stored in your Model 970. If you have done a preliminary setup before performing the upgrade you are advised to record settings for input configuration, speakers and crossovers, delays, tuner presets, and any other configuration data on the worksheet in your Owner’s Manual. You will need to re-enter these settings once the upgrade is complete.

Installation Instructions:

Once the needed files have been downloaded follow these instructions to perform the upgrade:

  1. Connect your Model 970 to an AC power source.
  2. Turn on the Master Power switch on the rear panel by pressing it in until it latches. Note that the front panel power indicator will turn amber. DO NOT use the front panel Standby button to fully turn the unit on at this time.
  3. Connect the RS-232 serial cable to both your computer and the Model 970.
  4. Locate the access hole for the RESET switch that is located in the center of the rear panel, just to the right of the RS-232 connector. Using an unbent paper clip reset the unit by carefully slipping the end of the wire directly straight into the access hole until you hear and feel the reset switch click. Remove the paper clip from the hole.
  5. Use the Windows Explorer program to locate the file folder that contains OUTLAW.EXE file downloaded from the Outlaw web site and click on the file to open it.
  6. The Outlaw Loader window will open. Follow the instructions shown on each page of the Loader, including some of the instructions shown above, clicking on the NEXT button when each step is completed.
  7. When you reach the page of the Loader titled "LOADER SETTINGS" enter the two following settings:
    • In most cases the default setting of COM 1 is correct. If not, select the appropriate COM Port.
    • Press the BROWSE button and locate the ot9700608.hex file in the "Model 970 Upgrade" folder that you created at the beginning of this process. Click on the file name and you will be returned to the Loader program.

  8. Click on the NEXT Button to begin the upgrade process.
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: Once the upgrade begins it is very important that you do not disconnect the serial cable from your computer to the Model 970 or turn off either your computer or the Model 970. Interrupting the upgrade process will cause it to fail.

  9. The upgrade process will take about ten to fifteen minutes. As it proceeds you will see messages and the progress bar in the middle of the loader window move through four separate steps. No action is required during the upgrade:
    • You will see a "connecting" message as the computer and Preamp Processor establish a communications link.
    • During the first step of the actual upgrade, the loader will erase the existing firmware.
    • The next step will load the new firmware into the Model 970’s memory. You will see a "programming" progress bar while this is taking place.
    • The final step will verify the upgrade.

  10. The Loader window will notify you when the upgrade is complete. At that point it is safe to disconnect the serial cable and close the Loader program window.
  11. Please perform the "Front Panel" reset as outlined in your Model 970 Owner's Manual.

Congratulations! You have now successfully completed the software upgrade for your Model 970Preamp Processor. Be sure to re-enter your configuration settings, and then you are ready to enjoy the finest in home theater!

Troubleshooting Hints:

If the computer is unable to establish communications with the Model 970 your computer will display an error message. Click the button in the error message window to return to the Loader, and check the following:

    • Is the serial connector at each end firmly connected? Make sure both ends are secured using the screws on the connector head.
    • Did you remember to reset the Model 970 using the access hole on the rear panel?
    • Is your Model 970 plugged in?
    • Is the Master Power switch on the rear panel turned on?
    • Is the Model 970 in the Standby mode with the amber LED the only indicator lit on the front panel? The upgrade will not work if the Model 970 is "on".
    • Do you have the correct COM Port entered in the loader?
    • Do you have the correct file name entered in the loader?

If you have tried all of these steps and are still receiving and error message, contact Outlaw Customer Service at 866-OUTLAWS or support


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