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Outlaw PSSV S-Video Cables

Products such as satellite receivers, personal video recorders and, of course, VCRs that do not offer component outputs continue to rely on S-Video when high quality video is required.

To maintain the signal purity S-Video provides, Outlaw Audio's PSSV cables use the same ultra-pure, highly refined, silver center conductor technology as our renowned PSC coaxial interconnects. While the geometry and size of the dual mini-coax cables that make up the PSSV are smaller than the PSC, the result is the same: Unparalleled transparency that virtually eliminates any on-screen artifacts due to signal loss.

As with all Outlaw Interconnect products, even the connector is custom designed, and of course along with the distinctive dual yellow stripe on the inner nylon braid, color-coding is used to simplify installations by instantly identifying the PSSV as an S-Video cable.

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