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Outlaw Audio Ultra-X12 Subwoofer, $679


LFM-1 EX"Outlaw has released its first new subwoofer in over a decade, and the Ultra-X12 proves to be worth the wait. This ported subwoofer sports a down-firing 12-inch driver and a 350-watt Class HD amplifier, with better internal bracing to improve mid-bass response...."

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Home Theater Review raves about our Model 7900!


"Precision, control and more power than any amp I've reviewed thus far. That's what I wrote in my listening notes, and then I went back and watched this scene three more times. That's big praise." -Sean Killebrew

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Outlaw Announces the Model 5000, praised by Audioholics!


The Outlaw's new Model 5000 is a high performance, high value 5-channel amplifier great for powering immersive audio channels and moderately sized rooms. Audioholics listened to the Model 5000 and "continued on with excitement and amazement that this...five-channel amp was able to muster so much raw power with such excellent composure."

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Outlaw Audio Ultra-X13, the first single sub in North America to achieve THX Ultra Certification, "has lots of strengths and no real weaknesses."


LFM-1 EXJames Larson, of Audioholics, tested the Ultra-X13: "What is more, distortion is extremely well controlled in this mode, hovering right around 5%. This is extraordinarily linear behavior, and ‘clean’ is the operative word for these test results, much as it is a description of the sub’s appearance."

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