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Outlaw FAQ

Every one of the Outlaws reads each message sent to us, but we've found that many of the inquiries ask for similar information. For that reason, we've taken the liberty of putting together a FAQ, or list of Frequently Asked Questions, that will hopefully contain the answer to your question. Please take a moment to read the FAQ and see if your query is on our list.

Remember, we read every message, and if your question is not on our list, we'll make certain that you get a personal answer as quickly as possible. However, since we do tend to get swamped from time to time, please be patient if it takes a day or two for us to get back to you. Our goal is to have all inquiries answered within one business day from the time a question is received.

Available Software (Updates & Drivers)

The RR2160 Posted: 5.18.17  USB Driver

The Model 990 Posted: 5.30.08  Version: 03.24  

The Model 1070 Posted: 07.02.07  Version: mcp-ot10700705241217 

The Model 970 Posted: 07.02.07   Version: mcp-ot10700705241215 

Support for Discontinued Products

• The Model 7100 Power Amp:  Manual   Specifications

• The Model 950 Preamp/Processor:  Manual   Specifications

• The Model 1050 A/V Receiver:  Manual   Specifications

• The Model 750 Power Amp:  Manual   Specifications

• The Model 200 Power Amp:  Manual   Specifications

Other Ways to Contact the Outlaws

Mailing address:

Outlaw Audio
P.O. Box 975
Easton, MA 02334


To Place an Order and to Inquire About an Existing Order:
866-OUTLAWS (688-5297)

For Pre-Sales Questions:
866-OUTLAWA (688-5292)

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