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Why Outlaw? Oh, just being direct...

We want to express, in a dramatic way, our distinctive approach to the high performance audio/video marketplace. Traditionally, manufacturers communicate with, and sell to retailers. In turn, the retailers sell to the consumers. The conventional wisdom for this approach has been that audio/video products are so sophisticated and complicated, that only a dealer could explain the intricacies and operation of these components to the customer. Well, we have just broken these "rules", in the same way that Dell, Gateway and a host of other world class companies who offer great computer products have also broken these rules. The success of these companies proves that when consumers are provided with accurate and easy to comprehend information, they can make sophisticated buying decisions without the need to visit a conventional retail store.

Many people in the consumer electronics industry may not want to hear this, but the Internet, if utilized properly, is the best way to offer products to the customer. In addition to the compelling advantage of removing one stage of cost markup, the Internet also allows the manufacturer to move even closer to you. Since the design and manufacture of the products that Outlaw sells is under our direct control, we are more familiar than anyone else with how these products work. If you choose, we can provide you with all documentation, including the instruction manual, before you buy. And with the click of a mouse and a few keystrokes you can tell us, the Outlaw design team, what you like, or what we can do better, in addition to asking us any technical questions.

The bottom line is, with Outlaw Audio you are going to get great products at incredible prices. Think of this as a cooperative venture between you and the Outlaws, your new source for high performance audio/video products.

Who are the Outlaws?

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