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The Outlaws' Code

Most companies have a corporate mission statement, a summary of the business approach and philosophy of the corporation. That's all well and good, but we're Outlaws. We live by something more serious than a mission statement; we have a CODE:

1. If the product is not a genuine value, the Outlaws won't build it. The marketplace is already full of brand name products with excellent performance. If we can't deliver something that gives more performance for the same or a lower price, we won't build it.
2. The Outlaws always shoot straight. Outlaws deliver factual, easy to understand product explanations without knocking our competitors. We will describe all of the advantages of our products. Then you can make a decision based on our information and any information you might gather from other manufacturers.
3. Outlaws like the simple life. Every time we hear the product term "flexible," we run for cover. We believe that flexible is all too often a code word for "complicated". Have you ever tried to program a "flexible" VCR, or use a word processing program touted as "feature packed and flexible"? We vow to design products that are as easy to use as possible without sacrificing any of the features that you really need.
4. Outlaws remain loyal to their "Family" When you become an owner of one of our products, you will not be forgotten. We promise to assist you with your questions and to give you honest advice about the rest of your audio/video system. As a member of our extended family you are encouraged to stay in touch with us long after your purchase.

Factory? We don't need no stinkin' factory...

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