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Shipping and Availability for Outlaw Products

(Last updated 2011)

Q. How soon do you ship after an order is received?

A. We typically ship all orders within five working days after receipt and clearance of your credit card data.

Q. Your shipping charge seems a bit high when compared to other Internet or mail order companies. Why is that?

A. We believe in telling our customers the straight truth and offering our products at a fair price that represents a true value. We could have easily raised the price a bit to offer the appearance of "free" shipping, but that goes against the Outlaws' Code. Instead, we thought that our customers would prefer to see the shipping charge separated from the product cost. When comparing the shipping charge to other products typically sold via the Internet or via mail order, remember that the Model 7900 is a very heavy amplifier weighing nearly 150 pounds and the LFM-1 Plus Subwoofer weighs over 75 pounds. Thus the shipping charges have to be a bit more than what you are used to seeing for other, lighter products. As we offer other new products, the shipping charges will reflect the weight of each item.

Q. Do you ship to other countries?

A. Outlaw Audio will ship to anywhere in North America.

Q. If I do buy one of your products for shipment to Canada, do I pay any fees and taxes?

A. If you are placing an order from Canada, please use our online contact form for a freight quote. Once you receive the quote, you may place your order by calling (866) OUTLAWS or via our web site. When you place the order, please reference the freight quote you received. Shipping quotes are for "shipping" only and do not include any brokerage, duty or tax estimates.

Q. Outlaw's products are heavy. How are they packed to protect them during shipment?

A. We take special care to make certain that the packing material is strong enough to accommodate the weight of our products. We have also selected freight carriers that have a good reputation for careful handling of cargo.

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