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Questions About the Model 2200 Amplifier

(Last updated 2010)

Q. What are the specs?

A. The Model 2200 is a 200-watt (@ 8 ohms, 20 Hz - 20 kHz, <0.05% THD; 300 watts @ 4 ohms, 20 Hz - 20 kHz, <0.05%) mono-block amplifier.

Q. Any other specifics?

A. The Model 2200 utilizes a newly designed (and proprietary) hybrid Class A/B/G circuit. It will provide Class A/B power up to 80 watts (which covers about 98% of most listening situations). Above 80 watts the Model 2200 will instantly shift into Class G amplification.

Q. Why was this approach taken?

A. This approach was chosen because we required that this amplifier be quite compact (less than 2 inches tall). In addition we insisted that the amplifier would not use any fans.

Q. Are there any downsides to this type of hybrid design?

A. The 2200 uses a proprietary A/B G design that does not have any audible downsides. The transition from Class A/B to Class G requires just 2 microseconds (NOT milliseconds) and this transition is 100% inaudible. This was imperative as many other hybrid designs produce audible side effects. Incidentally, at 200 watts the 2200 has less than .05% THD!

Q. What about output transistors and capacitance?

A. For output devices there are a total of six: four bipolar transistors rated at 15 amps each, and two robust power Mosfets rated at 40 amps each. Dynamically into 8 ohms the 2200 will put out 300 watts! In addition it has at its disposal 20,0000 microfarads of capacitance.

Q. Can I see the Owner's Manual before I make my purchase?

A. The owner's manuals for all of our products can be downloaded in PDF format right from the corresponding "Product" page of our website at no cost.

Q. What is the warranty on your amplifiers?

A. All of our power amplifiers come with a transferable, five-year parts and labor warranty!

Q. Where can I find more in depth specifications and photos?

A. In addition to the owner's manuals, a separate gallery and specification sheet is also available from the "Product" section of our website.

Q. Does the 2200 offer a trigger connection?

A. Yes, the Model 2200 offers a 1/8-inch mini-mono jack input and output compatible with 3-32VDC trigger outputs like those on the Model 950. The trigger connections can be daisy chained to additional Model 2200's. The 2200 also offers a 'signal sense' mode for use with systems that do not provide a trigger connection for automatic turn on. When in the 'signal sense' mode, the 2200 will turn on as soon as a signal is received at the audio input.

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