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Questions About Outlaw Audio Multi-Channel Amplifiers

(Last updated 2016)

Q. What are the specs?

A. The Model 7900 is the flagship of our multi-channel power amplifier line, with output of 300 watts per channel (20Hz-20kHz@8 ohms,< 0.05%THD, all channels driven). Detailed specifications can be viewed on each product's respective page.

Q. Any other specifics?

A. The Model 7900, 7700, and 7140, are manufactured in the US and carry an Outlaw price of $3499, $2149, and $1099 respectively. Speaking of carrying, these are heavy components (especially the 7900 tipping the scale at just under 150lbs)! So reinforce your shelves, racks or floor before installation, and think about a dedicated power circuit!

Q. How about a two-channel amp so that I can use my 5-channel amp and take advantage of the extra rear surround channels on the Model 975 or legacy based pre-pro?

A. While we do not offer a stereo amp, we do offer the Model 2200, a mono-block power amp for the ultimate in channel flexibility.

Q. Can I see the owner's manual before I make my purchase?

A. The Owner's manuals for all of our products can be downloaded in PDF format right from the corresponding "Product" page of our website at no cost.

Q. What is the warranty on your amplifiers?

A. All of our power amplifiers come with a transferable, five-year parts and labor warranty!

Q. Where can I find more in depth specifications and photos?

A. In addition to the owner's manuals, a separate gallery and specification sheet is also available from the "Product" section of our website.

Q. Do the multi-channel amplifiers offer a trigger connection?

A. Yes. Each of the multi-channel amps offers a 1/8-inch mini-mono jack compatible with 3-32 VDC trigger outputs found on most preamplifiers.

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