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Questions about the LFM Series Subwoofers

(Last updated 2010)

Q. What models are available?

We currently offer the LFM-1 Compact (10" subwoofer), the LFM-1 Plus (12", 18 Hz Subwoofer) and the LFM-1 EX (12", 16 Hz Subwoofer).

Q. Are there be speakers to go with the LFM Series Subwoofers?

Yes! We currently offer an LCR and bookshelf loudspeaker (the Outlaw BLS). The Outlaws have long and deep roots in the speaker business with some of the most well known brands going back to the early days of the "HiFi" industry. We have finally decided to blow the doors off the competition!

Q.Are there special dealsl if I buy mroe than one?

Package pricing varies by model and can be viewed in our shopping cart.

Q. How do the LFM series subwoofers sound?

In a word, FANTASTIC! The LFM series subwoofers are as musical as they are powerful. In addition, they are "quick" enough so as to not be outrun by high-end audiophile music speakers.

Q. Okay, so they sound great, but how do they look?

The LFM series subwoofers looks as good as they sound. The color and finish will fit almost any interior without clashing with existing furniture and surroundings. To break up the solid surface of the cabinet we added a smoked Plexiglas inset panel on the top of the cabinet.

Q. I have hardwood floors; will the feet damage them?

No, the carpet spikes we provide come with felt bottomed metal discs to accept the carpet spikes without putting tiny holes in your hardwood, tile or laminate flooring.

Q. I have a small room, should I be concerned with overpowering my speakers?

No. Today’s receivers and processors provide separate level controls to ensure that the subwoofer volume matches the volume of the rest of your speakers. For dedicated two channel receivers, the LFM series subs also provide a separate level control.

Q. I see you offer combo packages. Do I really need two subwoofers?

While the LFM series subwoofers are capable of playing wall-rattling bass, the main benefit for two subwoofers is not added volume but a wider sweet spot. With one subwoofer, bass will only be optimized for one listening position. Using two subwoofers enables you to increase the size of the sweet spot to cover a wider portion of the listening area.

Q. What type of connections do they offer?

The LFM series subwoofers offer both an LFE input connection for use in 5.1 Dolby Digital and DTS home theaters as well as speaker level inputs for dedicated two-channel music systems.

Q. Does it offer remote turn on?

The LFM series subwoofers provide a signal sense mode that will automatically turn on whenever a signal is present.

Q. What kind of warranty do the LFM series subwoofers provide?

The LFM series subwoofers offer a 3 year parts and labor warranty on both the amplifier and driver.

Q. Can I see an LFM Owner’s Manual before I make my purchase?

The owner’s manuals for all of our products can be downloaded in PDF format right from the corresponding product page of our website at no cost.

Q. Where can I find more in depth specifications and photos?

In addition to the owner’s manuals, a separate gallery and specification sheet is also available from the product section of our website.

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